How To Maintain a Kitchen Chimney?

By Pravin Gasva

what parts of chimney need maintenace?

- Grease Filters  - Motor & Blower - Duct or Pipe - Charcoal Filters - Control Panel - Housing & Casing

grease filters

Monthly check, clean by hand or dishwasher, let it air dry, deep clean for stubborn grease, replace damaged parts, and prevent buildup for safety and efficiency.

motor & blower

Check or clean monthly, oil if needed, listen for unusual noise, and replace if not working. Keep the motor & blower clean for top performance.

duct or pipe

Fix leaks. Replace it if it is badly damaged. Stop debris. Ensure safe ventilation. Monthly check and clean blockages. Don't bend this pipe of a chimney too much because it will create excessive grease in the pipe.

charcoal filters

Check manual for replacement schedule, monitor for odours, grease escape, replace if not functioning, follow manufacturer's instructions, and ensure proper filtration.

control panel

To keep the control panel in good condition, softly wipe for cleaning, don't use water, fix if it's not working, Follow the manual's care advice, and replace if severe damage.

housing & casing

Clean often, don't use strong cleaners, fix cracks quickly, replace if badly damaged, and ensure a strong structure for safety. Regular checks ensure your chimney remains safe and functional.

how should a chimney pipe be covered?

You can cover this pipe into a cabinet or also in a paneling. Put chimney cap on a pipe. It stops debris from getting in, keeps rain and snow out, and boosts safety and efficiency.


A ducted chimney is easy to maintain because this chimney sucks all fumes, smoke, and grease into filters and then pushes clean air outside through a pipe. This keeps the kitchen fresh and smoke-free.

how to maintain a chimney while cooking?

When you cook, cover utensils with lids and cook on a lower heat. Avoid excessively greasy cooking. Ensure proper ventilation.