Easy & Fast Way To Build Your Home!

By Rajesh Bhosale

what are prefab homes?

prefab homes, are changing how we build houses. They're like giant puzzles made in a factory. We bring the parts to the land and put them together, just like building blocks.

benefits of prefab homes

- Speed - Quality - Cost Effective - Design Options - Eco-friendly - Durability - Innovation

types of prefab homes

- Modular  - Panelized  - Manufactured  - Precut - Kit  - Container - Tiny - Flat-Pack

modular prefab homes

Modular prefab homes are assembled in parts, reducing mistakes and ensuring strength, unlike other prefab homes.

panelized prefab homes

Panelized homes are like a middle ground between regular homes and prefab homes. They're somewhat built on-site but also have the speed and efficiency of prefab.

manufactured prefab homes

Manufactured homes are factory-built structures, including walls, roof, plumbing, electrical systems, and interior finishes.

precut prefab homes

They're pre-cut and ready to build, making things fast and precise.

kit prefab homes

Kit prefab homes provide all the building materials needed for constructing a home in one package.

container prefab homes

They're made from shipping containers & are eco-friendly. Perfect for minimalists who want a sustainable place to live.

tiny prefab homes

Tiny prefab homes are small, typically 100-400 square feet, designed for simplified living and efficient space utilization.

flat-pack prefab homes

Flat-pack homes are like a fun DIY project. They come with pre-cut parts, so you can build your perfect home. It's affordable and easy.

how much do prefab homes cost?

Buy a ready home for 8.5 lakh rupees. It has everything inside – a comfy bed, couch, dining area, mattress, curtains, and kitchen.

customization of prefab homes

Prefab homes offer customization options based on construction type and manufacturer, allowing for streamlined construction and tailored to individual preferences and needs.

construction time for prefabs

Prefab homes are quick to build. It only takes 8 To 10 Hours.

transportation of prefab homes

Prefab home transportation requires careful planning and coordination, varying depending on type, size, and distance, ensuring smooth and efficient transportation.